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Everyday, our region’s counties and cities are taking actions to make this to best place to work, live, and play. We will share our member city and county milestones here, along with our own regional news and blog posts.

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Pop-up Protected Bikeway
SACOG salutes the City of Sacramento's Downtown Bikeways Preview Project

Envision cycling separate from auto traffic in your own protected bike lane. Yes, biketopia temporarily exists in downtown Sacramento. From October 4th through October 6th the City of Sacramento has installed a temporary parking protected bikeway on P Street from 13th to 15th Street. A protected bikeway is a bike lane protected by planters, curbs, parked cars or posts to separate bike and auto traffic.


SB1 Project List Due October 16th
Submit amended budget to CTC

Background information:

The California Transportation Commission (CTC) formally adopted the SB 1 Local Streets and Roads (LSR) Annual Reporting Guidelines on August 16. The guidelines outline the process for cities and counties to submit their project lists and expenditure reports to the CTC to establish eligibility for receiving SB 1 funds. Jurisdictions must submit publicly approved budgets that outline uses for SB1 funds by October 16th to avoid forfeiting its share of SB1 funding for the period between October 16th and the date of submittal.


CA Legislature Passes Senate Bill 1

On April 6, the Legislature approved the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017 (SB 1) by a two-third vote of both houses.

SACOG CEO James Corless hosted a webinar with Celia McAdam Executive Director of the Placer County Transportation Planning Agency and SACOG staff on what SB 1 means for the Sacramento Region. The webinar can be viewed here.