Board of Directors


Board of Directors Meetings

SACOG is governed by a thirty-two member Board of Directors (thirty-one voting and one nonvoting). Voting members are appointed by member jurisdictions from their county board of supervisors or city councils. The one non-voting member is the Caltrans District 3 Director. The organization’s mission statement is: Delivering transportation projects, providing public information, and serving as a dynamic forum for regional planning and collaboration in the Sacramento Metropolitan Area.

Under SACOG’s Joint Powers Agreement (JPA), each member city (excluding the City of Sacramento) and each member county (excluding Sacramento County) are entitled to one seat and one vote on the SACOG Board. The City of Sacramento may appoint two directors and is entitled to two votes. Sacramento County may appoint three directors and is entitled to three votes. In addition, jurisdictions may appoint an alternate who shall have full voting rights in the absence of the jurisdiction’s appointed director.