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About the Metropolitan Transportation Plan for 2035

On March 20, 2008, SACOG's Board of Directors approved the Metropolitan Transportation Plan for 2035 (MTP2035), a full plan with text, maps, and figures describing the road, transit and other transportation-related investments planned for the Sacramento region through 2035. Each section has a direct link lower on this page as a PDF. You will need the free Adobe Reader to view these files.

How to review the MTP

You may access the MTP2035 and Environmental Impact Report (EIR) online. The MTP2035 is on this page. You may also view the documents in person at SACOG.

The MTP2035 and EIR are available on CD at no cost or printed at-cost. To request a CD, purchase a hardcopy or request documents in an alternative format please contact Clint Holtzen (, call SACOG at 916-321-9000, or visit SACOG in person at 1415 L Street, Suite 300, in Sacramento. A hard copy of the MTP2035 is also available.

MTP2035 Contents


  1. Introduction and Need for a New Plan

    Download PDF

  2. Summary of Budget and Investments

    The MTP2035 invests $41.7 billion in a variety of programs and projects: $14.3 billion for transit; $12.4 billion for road maintenance; $11.3 billion for road capital projects; $2.3 billion for programs, planning and transportation enhancements; and $1.4 billion for bicycle and pedestrian projects.

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  3. Paying for and Implementing the Plan

    Chapter 3 is the "toolkit" to implement the policies/strategies in Chapter 5.

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  4. Summary of Plan Performance

    Even with 65 percent more households in 2035, vehicle trips, vehicle hours, and vehicle miles per household decline from 2005. Congested vehicle miles traveled per household is held to about 10% growth from 2005. The percentage of trips by transit, walking and bicycling increase dramatically.

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  5. Policies and Supportive Strategies

    The policies provide broad guidance for SACOG and agency partners. The Strategies are actions to implement the policies. Some actions can start tomorrow, while others will require years of effort and incremental steps. Ongoing Board discussions will happen before firm actions are initiated.

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  6. Planning Process

    Download PDF

  7. Smart Land Use

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  8. Environmental Sustainability

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  9. Equity and Choice

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  10. Economic Vitality

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  11. Access and Mobility

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  12. Financial Stewardship

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The following links are PDF files:

  1. Project List
    • A1 and A2
      • 2035 MTP Public Transit Including Rail Projects
      • 2035 MTP Bicycle, Pedestrian, Roads and Other Projects
    • A3 - 2035 MTP "Plus 10 Percent" Projects by County
  2. MTP Budget Appendix
    • B1 - Budget Assumptions
    • B2 - Revenue Expenditure by Year
  3. Transportation Technical Appendix
    • C1 - Roadways & Transit Services
    • C2 - Bicycle/Pedestrian Projects
    • C3 - Goods Movement Priority Projects
    • C4 - Aviation
    • C5 - Equity & Choice
    • C6 - Safety & Security
    • C7 - Public Health & Safety
    • C8 - Congestion Management Process
  4. Environmental, Land Use and Air Quality Technical Appendix
    • D1 - Environmental Background
    • D2 - MTP2035 Land Use Allocation
    • D3 - EIR Executive Summary
    • D4 - Transportation Control Measures
    • D5 - Air Quality Conformity Determination
  5. Public Outreach and Consultation Appendix
    • E1 - Planning Regulations
    • E2 - Public Participation Plan
    • E3 - Community Involvment Phases I & II, III & IV
    • E4 - Groups Consulted during Planning Process
    • E5 - MTP Comments Received and Responses

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