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Regional Funding Regional Funding
The 2015 Call for Projects for the Regional Bicycle & Pedestrian, Community Design, and Regional/Local Programs have been released. Guidelines, applications, and materials specific to each program can be found on the regional funding pages. Attend May 6 Workshop.
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Performance Assessment Presentation Steve Heminger

The Metropolitan Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy (MTP/SCS) adopted in 2012 achieves significant performance benefits on a number of travel, environmental, and quality of life measures. SACOG is updating the MTP/SCS with a focus on implementation, so our region's residents and communities can realize those benefits. As part of the implementation process, SACOG asked cross-sectoral leaders from across the region to describe why the plan is important them and their organizations. Here is what they had to say. View Videos.

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Blueprint Implementation Transportation Workshop
How suburban communities can better reflect their unique identities. Watch Video.
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